Benefits for musicians, artists & beyond…

BandAaidRx and Pabst Blue Ribbons, PBR Music Society provides affordable health and lifestyle benefit programs to musicians, artists & beyond…


Early in 2017, BandAidRx partnered with Pabst Blue Ribbons division, The PBR Music Society ( to launch PBR Music Benefits. This partnership was created to support our shared goal of supporting artists and providing low cost health and lifestyle benefit offerings to the artistic community.

PBR Music Benefits offer a number of benefit programs that artists, and individuals within the artistic community (& more) are able to sign up for by visiting the PBR Music website: These benefit programs require no annual contract and members have the option each and every month to continue their benefits or not.

These benefit programs are fantastic for individuals who travel often, and for individuals who are insured or uninsured – as these benefits are a fantastic supplement to give artists additional coverage across a wide verity of areas.

Thats not all!: BandAidRx agreed to donate the majority of the PBR Music Benefit proceeds back to the PBR Music Society to support their mission of providing support to Musicians in need.

Furthermore, PBR Music is also sponsoring benefits for an artist or band each and every month (PBR Music sponsored benefits provides a comprehensive health and lifestyle benefit package for a duration of 1 full year. These PBR sponsored benefits are intended for a band or artist in need, who submits through the PBR Music Society website:

About PBR Music Benefits:

Most monthly plans are less than $20/month and have benefits such as:
– health
– dental
– vision
– pharmacy & more

PBR Music Benefits also offers lifestyle programs such as:
– pet benefits
– legal services
– identity theft protection
– tax preparation and advice & more.



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